Meet where the energy transition comes to life

At The Green Box cleantech campus, meetings take place right at the heart of the energy transition.
Here, not only are innovative cleantech solutions conceived, but they are also crafted and tested on our extensive 18.5-hectare grounds.

The campus is equipped with almost 18,000 solar panels, supplying solar power to all meeting spaces. Additionally, this clean energy allows for convenient charging of electric vehicles at an appealing rate. These vehicles can be conveniently parked near the main entrance.

During breaks, you can enjoy a refreshing stroll around our large pond. A meandering walking path, wooden platforms, and picnic tables are situated there, offering a spot to relish your lunch while taking in the splendid view and the lively biodiversity of surrounding plants and animals.

Our on-site catering service is more than happy to arrange a delectable lunch for you and your group, with your preferences accommodated through the reservation form.

A variety of meeting rooms are available, each in different sizes and can be rented for either half or full-day sessions. For co-working spaces, a minimum commitment of one month is required.

Experience the sensation of conducting meetings at the core of the energy transition.

Suitable for 20 - 50 persons

Rogue One

Suitable for a maximum of 14 people.


Suitable for 1 to 6 people

Co working spaces

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