About The Green Box

Only together we can realise the energy transition

Our mission

At The Green Box, we work together on cleantech solutions to accelerate the energy transition. The Green Box provides a physical space where cleantech entrepreneurship, product innovation, and production converge. A unique location with office, test, storage and production facilities for electrical equipment, which is essential for charging electric cars, temporarily storing electricity, producing green hydrogen and smart control of energy systems.

In addition, The Green Box facilitates and encourages cooperation between cleantech companies, educational and research institutions and governments to accelerate and realize cleantech innovation.

"New ideas, new talent and new technologies will follow"

Future plans

Developments on the campus continue non-stop and we will expand considerably in the coming years.

  • New production, office spaces and meeting rooms are under construction.
  • More collaborations between cleantech companies are taking place on and around the campus.
  • Our in-house companies are growing rapidly and therefore also in size.

The Green Box - a sustainable energy hub

In addition to the solar roof of 18,000 solar panels, 50,000 m2 of roof surface insulation and charging facilities, the campus also has its own unique energy system. This system is in line with our ambition to run exclusively on 100% sustainable energy by 2026.

"The campus is a blueprint for the energy system of the future. Where advanced energy technologies are integrated and thus set an example for the clean energy system of the future"

Drop by

The campus is located in Hengelo, near the Dutch-German border and can be easily reached within 5 minutes from the A1. It’s centrally located between cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Dortmund, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

About Kees Koolen

Kees Koolen is a Dutch entrepreneur. He established The Green Box campus in 2020 with the purpose to speed up cleantech innovation.

Currently he is also the Chairman and CEO of Koolen Industries, a clean energy conglomerate that is driving the transition to renewables with the purpose to make clean, affordable, reliable energy, accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world.  

He started his first company in 1988. In 2012, Koolen invested in Uber. He also supported Uber's international rollout. In 1997, Koolen invested in Booking.com, overseeing its growth to become one of Europe’s largest technology companies. He was COO from 2001-2008, CEO until 2011 and Chairman until 2014.